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  • Betsy

    Founded in London, Betsy is known known for young fashion and city chic for over 25 years. 

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  • Envy

    A great UK company established in 2005, Envy Jewellery has crafted a collection of high quality, contemporary fashion jewellery that sells are affordable prices

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  • Mama B

    For today’s practical woman, dynamic, urban, simply essential and with a close attention to the materials and lines that she wants to have in contact with her body and soul.

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  • Masai

    Designed for fashion-conscious women who prefer a relaxed and individual style. Using a mixture of fine fabrics in high quality and beautiful patterns to create a unique look.

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  • Naya

    The Irish brand NAYA expresses a unique and understated style, encompassing a relaxed flair.

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  • Noen

    NOEN is a Nordic contemporary timeless collection for women who seek a versatile wardrobe with no expiration date.

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